Teen Green Machine
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Teen Green Machine

Life is tough, hard work gets results, but we must always stay humble! Hence why this class is named after the one and only Danny “The Green Machine” Green. Danny Green is the epitome of working hard and staying grounded. The teenage years are the most challenging years of your child’s life. It is the time they start to discover themselves and begin their journey into the real world. In this class we embrace change, we teach adaptation and focus on building not just physical but mental toughness. We will help start your child’s journey by concluding there education in the Sweet Science of boxing. By the end of this final developmental stage, they will have the mental and physical skills needed to be competitive in the ring and outside the ring, but also have the personal strength and belief in themselves to help deal with the day to day issues moving into their adult life. We will also have your child physically and mentally conditioned to be competitive in all other sports. Your child will be able to utilise this new found strength, perseverance and knowledge, helping them excel in there other chosen sports, at the same time being able to apply these new skills in their transition to all areas of their life.

Ages: 13+ yrs
Length: 45 mins
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