FITEKlub Story

Fiteklub Fitness is located in the Gold Coast suburb of Burleigh in the Sunshine State of Queensland. The gym now operates as a 24-hour facility with the ultimate boxing training setup, offering a wide variety of classes suitable for all levels and experiences, as well as personalized personal training or the option for your own personal workout routine.

Fiteklub Fitness caters not only to fighters but also was established to teach and educate youth about the positive impact boxing has on youth development and discipline. We never overlook the fitness aspect for regular gym-goers, recognizing that not everyone who walks into the gym wants to become a fighter.

In addition to its strong reputation among elite fighters not only on the national scene but also internationally, the heart and soul of the club lies in the large community of non-competitive boxers and children who show up every day, putting in the hard work and sweat required to achieve results. We are confident that Fiteklub Fitness will become more than just a gym to all of our members; it will become a home. That's why each and every one of our members is considered part of the Fiteklub Family.

We would love for you to join our Family.