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Mini Maulers & Raging Bulls

  • Mini Maulers (5-7yrs) 30min class
  • Raging Bulls (8-11yrs) 30min class

This class will be a starting point for your child to learn the discipline and structure essential in the sport of boxing. Consisting of many games and fun activities with a boxing focus, where we will focus on development of their personal confidence, physical activity and a strong emphasis on discipline.

Teen Green Machine

  • Teen Green Machine (12yrs +) 40min class

In this class we embrace change, we teach adaptation and focus on building not just physical but mental toughness. We aim to have your child within the first few weeks of training to have the mental and physical skills needed to be competitive inside and outside the ring, but also have the personal strength and belief in themselves to help deal with the day to day issues moving into their adult life.

We will also have your child physically and mentally conditioned to be competitive in all other sports. Your child will be able to utilise this new found strength, perseverance and knowledge, helping them excel in there other chosen sports, at the same time being able to apply these new skills in their transition to all areas of their life.

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