Fidels Story

Fidel Tukel had a meteoric rise to the tops of World boxing at a relatively young age. Starting as a fighter and boxing enthusiast in 1995, he quickly realised that his abilities holding the pads, were much more advanced than his ability to hit the pads. After just a handful of fights he quickly understood the business and teaching aspect of the sport of boxing was where he would excel and so he opened his own gym in 2006 in the Western Sydney suburb of Blacktown named BHS Boxing.

After the Gym was established and fighters started to swell, both in the professional and amateur ranks, Fidel and his head trainer Lincoln Hudson made the decision to promote and manage fighters for they quickly concluded that the only way to keep their fighters active was to organise it themselves, Fidel then formed “The Empire Presents”, a sports promotional company formed in 2007.

Fidel quickly established himself as one of the top promoters in the country by running regular shows based in the boxing hardened suburbs of Western Sydney. This quickly caught the attention of various Television networks, which culminated in Fidel’s first ever live Television event in 2008. In 2008 at the tender age of 28, Fidel Tukel as “The Empire Presents” in conjunction with Channel 10, promoted the first live television boxing event in Australia on a free to air network in over 25 years. After 4 successful shows in 4 weeks, Fidel was then partnered with cable networks Foxsports and also Pay Per View network Main Event, and the rest they say,” is history.”

After promoting and co promoting over 20 live television events on Free to air, Cable and PPV networks, a great stable and repetour was created not just under the promotional and management company but in the gym with many of the Australia’s leading fighters walking into the gym to be trained and managed by Fidel and Lincoln.

Fidel Tukel being so involved at the highest level of this business has had the chance and pleasure to work with the best boxers this Country and the World has to offer. Being involved and working directly and assisting with World Champions such as Will Tomlinson, Gilberto Ramirez (Mexico), Vic Darchinyan, Lenny Zapavigna, Billy Dib and Danny Green just to name a few, Fidel has the confidence to not only create another World Champion in the near future, but to also transfer that wealth of information to the simplest of members, no matter how young or where there present knowledge may lay.

In addition to the abundance of knowledge that is possessed in the boxing ring, Fidel is also a level 2 Rugby coach and former Rugby League and Union Player. In 2013 in coordination with legendary Australian and World Hall of Fame trainer Johnny Lewis, Fidel and Johnny being the boxing coaches assisted the Sydney City Roosters in winning the NRL Premiership. Now helping to coach and mentor many players at National / State level NRL and Rugby Union, Fidel understands what is expected from the cardio vascular aspect of boxing to help a Rugby League / Union player to progress to the next level to help make their game more complete. If you would like to know more about his history please feel free to contact Fidel Tukel in the contact column above.