Head Coach Fidel

Fidel has been involved in the Sweet Science of boxing for over 30 years. Having amateur fights in his youth, he has been managing, promoting, and training since he opened his own gym in Blacktown in 2006. Fidel has trained and cornered many world-rated and world champion fighters in that time. Presently, he boasts one of the best professional stables in Queensland, ensuring that results are never too far when training with him.

Fidel is also a level 2 Rugby coach and a former Rugby League and Union player. In 2013, in coordination with legendary Australian and World Hall of Fame trainer Johnny Lewis, Fidel and Johnny, being the boxing coaches, assisted the Sydney City Roosters in winning the NRL Premiership. Now, Fidel helps coach and mentor many players at the national/state level in NRL and Rugby Union. He understands the cardio vascular and conditioning aspect of boxing required to help a Rugby League/Union player progress to the next level and make their game more complete. If you would like to know more about his history, please feel free to contact Fidel Tukel using the information provided above.