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Ali FiteKlub Fighter

Have you ever thought, “I could be a fighter” or you wondered what it takes to get inside that 4 posted Arena? This class will teach the pure fundamentals of the sport of boxing and who better to emulate when teaching this sweet science than “the Greatest” Muhammad Ali. This class is designed to allow you to experience the purest form of boxing available and recognise if you are ready to actually lace up those gloves and take your abilities to hardest arena of all, the boxing ring. In this class, Fiteklub will focus on teaching you not just the technical essentials and fundamentals required to fight, but also prepare and condition you physically and mentally as well, to take that next step and test yourself in the Boxing Ring like so many Champions before you. This class is a much more high in intensity, physicality and focus, so will only be offered for people above the age of 13 years old.

Ages: 13+ yrs
Length: 60 mins
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